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On Oct. 1st, 2023, ISAC will mark its 2-year service as a scholarly network! 


Since 2021, the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics has emerged as one of the key players in the study of Asian Catholicism. It has generated numerous collaborations, projects, discussions, and events. Together, they create an open platform supporting the development and promotion of social scientific studies of contemporary Asian Catholics


Several institutions and about 70 scholars are now involved in these collaborative and multi-centered efforts. New research relating to ethnic networks, digital humanities, Marian studies, international law, etc. are on their way. To promote cutting-edge scholarship on Asian Catholicism, we are also producing different podcast series, publications, and online roundtables. 


And overall, more than 1,000 people have already joined one or another event of ISAC. 


While the initiative remains a work-in-progress, we hope it becomes a robust research consortium bringing various actors together to support the production of social scientific research on contemporary Asian Catholics. 


We welcome every contribution and piece of support!

To mark this 2-year anniversary, we would like you to consider the followings:

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