A Series of Conferences in 2022-2025

Because of migration, missionary work, study, and marriage, Asian Catholics are present in many countries outside of Asia. In the United States, Vietnamese Catholics are animating one of the largest Marian pilgrimages of the country. In the Middle East, Catholic Filipino, Sri Lankan, and Indian migrant workers represent the majority of the local Christian population. In Europe, Asian clergy members represent a significant proportion of the people studying theology. All around the world, Asian clergy members – priests and nuns – serve Catholic institutions, and in Melbourne, Rome, or Mexico, Asian Catholic migrants establish parishes and social institutions. In an age of intense globalization, Asian Catholics have a growing influence on non-Asian societies and reshape the face of world Catholicism.

Thus, these conferences seek to explore how Asian Catholics contribute to non-Asian countries. In partnership with two universities per continent (Africa, Europe, North America, Middle-East, South America), each conference will focus on one continent and discuss the lived realities, socio-religious influence, and global significance of Asian Catholics established across this continent.

Conference Assistant: Nandini Paliyath