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Asian Catholic Materialities

A Hybrid Conference

Singapore & Online 

30 Aug. - 1 Sept. 2023 

This conference investigates the material forms through which Asian Catholics manifest their liturgical concerns, ecological commitment, and institutional presence, and how these material translations and negotiations participate in the making of contemporary Asia.

In dialogue with the material turn in religious studies, this hybrid conference probes conceptions of Catholic materialities in contemporary Asia. While considering the relevance of geography, history, politics, and economy in the study of the material ideologies of Asian Catholics (Chambon 2020), the conference seeks to question the ways in which Asian Catholics participate in the material production of contemporary Asia and world Catholicism. Without essentializing and homogenizing Asian Catholic beliefs and practices, the conference will investigate ways to conceptualize Catholic cultural productions and materialities and their relations with other Asian religious traditions, economic flows, and political ideologies.

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