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ISAC's online roundtable brings scholars to analyze recent or up-coming events that impact, engage, or speak to Asian Catholics.


Facing Sexual Abuses in Catholic Asia 

13 September 2023
20:00 Singapore Time

Child Abuse.jpg

Over the past months, Asia witnessed the revelation of various sexual scandals involving Catholic priests and bishops. Cases are coming from Timor Leste, India, Japan and other parts of the continent suggesting that -on that aspect- Catholicism in Asia is not necessarily different from Catholicism in the rest of world.

However, the political and religious realities of numerous Asian countries add specific difficulties to address the challenge. When Catholics are a persecuted minority or when freedom of press is not available, it can be more complicated to denounce and stop abuses.


This online roundtable discussed various cases from Asia, their scope and specificities, as well as efforts deployed by the institution to address the situation.


  • Pr. Fr. Hans Zollner, Director of the Institute of Anthropology. Interdisciplinary Studies on Human Dignity and Care at the Pontifical Gregorian University 

  • Pr. Fr. Yosuke Sakai, Clinical Psychologist and Theologian, Sophia University

  • Tjitske Lingsma, Independent Journalist. 

  • Matthieu Lasserre, Journalist, La Croix


  • Dr. Bubbles B. Asor, Sociologist, University of the Philippines Diliman

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