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Chinese Christian Couplets

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As many Chinese Christians around the world hang Spring Couplets a few days before the Lunar New Year, we invite you to share a photo of your 2024 Spring Couplets.

This online depository developed by De La Salle University Manila (Philippines) and ISAC seeks to collect examples of Chinese Christian couplets from all around the world. With your support, we hope to gather and preserve pictures of thousands of poetic sentences that Chinese Christians use to mark the New Year. These Spring Couplets are valuable artifacts to reflect culture and faith.

We welcome photos of couplets located at the door of your household, or located in your living spaces, churches, shrines, etc.


Help us build this online collection

& document this rich tradition.



每逢春节,世界各地的华人基督徒皆以挂春联为俗, 故特邀贵方与我等共享2024春联之喜。



For more information, you can contact

Bubbles Asor [De La Salle University Manila]

Leonard Yeo [National University of Singapore]   

ISAC reserves the right to select the images that are most of interest for the digital collection and not all photos might be selected. The author(s) of the photo(s) also agrees to license all rights of the photo(s) to ISAC for purely academic and research purposes. (see Rights of photos in this link)


Bubbles Asor [菲律宾德拉萨大学]

Leonard Yeo 杨宗佑 [新加坡国立大学中文系]


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