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ISAC@DLSU Call for Photos of Christian Chinese Couplets

for the 2024 Chinese New Year

Consent Principle



The ISAC@DLSU Digital Humanities Project, a collaboration between the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics and De La Salle University Manila, aims to build and preserve digital collections of texts, manuscripts, audiovisual objects, and photographs pertinent to the scientific study of Asian Catholics. As part of this digital humanities project, we are launching the Call for Photos of Christian Chinese Couplets for the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration to document, collect and preserve photos representing how Christian Chinese around the world decorate their houses and spaces of worship with the New Year couplets. The ISAC@DLSU Digital Collection of Christian Chinese Couplets aims to systematically document photos as part of material artifacts to preserve culture and faith.

Call for Photos
We thus welcome submission and contribution of photos of couplets located at the door of your household, or located in your living spaces, churches, shrines, etc. Help us build this online collection and document this rich tradition. Please note, however, that ISAC@DLSU has the right to select the images that are most of interest for the online depository and that not all submissions might get selected.


Image Requirements and Rights of Photos
Images must not infringe on any rights of third parties or any copyright. In the case of images that include children, all images must adhere to utmost respect for children’s rights and dignity of children. Consent from parents and assent from children must have been obtained before taking the photos. The author/s of the photo or collage of photos therefore agrees to the licensing of the rights of the photos to ISAC@DLSU for academic, research, and digital preservation purposes only.

All photos must be in JPEG, JPG or PNG format, and uploaded through this page


The contribution, in line with ISAC@DLSU data privacy and copyright policy, will be placed in
the Anima depository of DLSU, and will be used for research, academic and digital collection purpose of ISAC@DLSU.

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