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Oral History of Asian Catechists 

This collaborative project documents the educational work conducted by contemporary lay catechists across Asia, their life trajectory and personal motivations.

Interviewing and recording the experiences of catechists, we aim to build a digital collection preserving the oral history of Asian catechists. 


Curated by ISAC@DLSU, this collection will be available to researchers working on the way in which knowledge about Catholicism has been passed on between generations in different Asian contexts.

Collecting and Preserving 


Catechists have played a fundamental role in building ecclesial communities, communicating theological concepts and religious practices, and in preparing younger generations to receive sacraments. Their work has shaped religious networks, ideas of religiosity, knowledge about Catholic doctrine, and interpretations of biblical scriptures. As catechists often mediate the first formal encounters that most young Catholics have with the Church as an institution, their work influences the perceptions that millions of Catholics have of the Church. 


From January 2024 to December 2026. 


The collection of data is virtually opened to all Asian countries. Depending on opportunities and accessibility, we aim at integrating material from at least a dozen Asian countries. 

The collection itself will be accessible at De La Salle University Manila. 


By video recording first-person accounts, where catechists are invited to share their religious journey, explain their pedagogical strategies, and show their teaching materials, the project will generate a valuable resource for researchers interested in lived Catholicism in Asia.

Once edited, these videos will be stored in our 'Oral History of Asian Catechists' collection in Manila.

Additionally, short edited clips of the interviews will be made available online to share with others the important work that these lay actors conduct across Asian societies.  


If you would like to support, contribute or join this project, please contact us. We welcome volunteers, recommendations, and donations. 

For more information, please contact Bernardo E. Brown and Bubbles B Asor

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